Cocteau Twins

Purity Ring

Listening to these guys on high rotation everyday over the past week in the car... so refreshing!! 

Having gown up with a healthy Cocteau Twins obsession it's easy to draw some similarities with Purity Ring and their use of lyrics for the way they sound as much as for the visual imagery and stories their words create. It wasn't a suprise to then notice that Shrines is out on 4-AD, the same record label whose success was basically formed off the back of the Cocteau Twins music. It sounds like their live performances are visually dynamic as well with the use of lights and lanterns to merge with the sound. Can't wait to see them play one day.

Beautiful artwork too... you get more out of each listen

Butterfly Effect shortlist

Lamb have shortlisted their top 10 fav remixes for the Butterfly Effect remix competition (winners announced soon). It must have been quite a task for Lou & Andy to choose from the 600 plus remix's - there is some impressive stuff!!

Our ethereal sounding Stormsetmix didn't make the cut but it has been a great chance to remix one of our all time favourite bands, has given me the opportunity to discover the Soundcloud forum, participate & hear some new sounds... Not to mention coming away with a finished remix I'm really proud of & happy to share... very much inspired by the style of layering found on the Cocteau Twins EP Otherness remixed by Mark Clifford of ambient UK group Seefeel (that's an interesting story in itself by the way)


Speaking of the Cocteau Twins - Treasure was the first CD of theirs I ever bought. They say never to judge a book by it's cover but this purchase was made purely on that basis, a decision which lead to discovering a world of ethereal shimmering soundscapes.

Can definitely hear the influence in the new Sleigh Bells CD, just listen to Lorelei (Treasure), Garlands or Head Over Heels.