Purity Ring

Listening to these guys on high rotation everyday over the past week in the car... so refreshing!! 

Having gown up with a healthy Cocteau Twins obsession it's easy to draw some similarities with Purity Ring and their use of lyrics for the way they sound as much as for the visual imagery and stories their words create. It wasn't a suprise to then notice that Shrines is out on 4-AD, the same record label whose success was basically formed off the back of the Cocteau Twins music. It sounds like their live performances are visually dynamic as well with the use of lights and lanterns to merge with the sound. Can't wait to see them play one day.

Beautiful artwork too... you get more out of each listen


At last... my first Redbubble order arrived HURRAY!!!

Got to test out my own t-shirt design The Hanging Girls (the prints turned out great & American apparel t-shirts are great quality). Just have to remember for next time that everything runs a size smaller in the US than in Australia.

Also bought this cool design by Lunatic Park.