Artist Interview with Anee


This next interview is with guest vocalist Anee Burton - having previously worked with Anee as part of Seesawtrace, she has now contributed her ethereal voice on the songs 11M2, red steps and lazed and helped to bring the stormset sound to life

when did you first start singing?

I started singing from a young age purely for my own entertainment at around the age of 10 but got really interested in singing for others when I was 22 and met Simon and Chris through friends. I thought their music was really interesting and they inspired me to give it a go.

can you share with us something about the process of recording vocals for the stormset songs on the just like fashion e.p?

The process of recording was really relaxing and fun. I was pregnant at the time and loved that my baby could hear the music we were making, and it gave me a happy feeling every time we rehearsed or were recording.

who are some of your favourite musical influences?

My favourite vocalists and musical influences are many and varied. I love so many types of music but I would have to say Katie Noonan (the lead singer from the band George), Dido, Sia, Sarah Blasko, Tracey Chapman, Nelly Furtado, Missy Higgins, Everything But The Girl and Lamb. These are all some of my favourite vocalists and influences.

what inspires you?

My inspiration is the wonder of nature, beautiful music, firends, and food. But at the moment my biggest inspiration is my little boy, Mitchel, and how he interacts with the world and learns everyday.


Sleep, the dream, called Awake - Artist Interview with Lilaina


This weeks feature interview is with lyricist lilaina. laine first shared her poetry while we were studying visual art, and the ethereal imagery she creates through her creative writing became the inspiration for songs like blurred assumptions and bitch'n. laine sang on the original 4-track demo of lazed, a song which has been a live favourite for a long time, with its upbeat tempo and art-school aesthetic that perfectly suites the inspiration behind the stormset sound...

"sleep the dream, called awake"

when did you first start to write poetry?

I first started writing poetry at age 14, got published at 14 in a Goth Magazine.

what inspires your writing?

I am inspired by people and how we interact and our perceptions of one another. I love psychology and anything to do with human communication.

Can you tell us about some of the bands and other creative projects you have been a part of in the past?

In the past I have written and made a short film called 'Made My Bed and in 2000 I did stand up performance poetry at Sunset Strip in Melbourne. Before that I was production designer in a feature film called 'Radio Samurai'... I'm not sure if it was ever released?

DO you have an anthem song or all time favourite band?

The bands - The Cure, The Smiths, Cosmic Baby are favourites of mine. All time favourite bands are British India and All American Rejects. I also used to be a huge Ween fan as well.

Check out the orginal 4-track demo of lazed. The tape cover was designed by Simon and includes a black and white photo by Laine.