Lily Allen

Tell All Your Friends | Lily Allen - Remix

"Tell all of your friends"... This is the Stormset mix of the Lily Allen song Sheezus, entered in the Lily Allen remix competition on Soundcloud... the deadline is here!!

It's cool to have the opportunity to remix one of Lily Allen's songs, as it was partly from reading an article about how she worked with producer Greg Kurstin using Logic Pro 9 on her second album 'It's Not You, It's Me, that made me take the plunge and inspired me to learn more about the program... 

Still learning by the way.

All The Others

Lily Allen 

Having used Logic to write What U Want (doesn't exist) as a student project at Thebarton Senior college, I'm happy to say I'm now up and running with Logic Pro 9. Can't wait to get stuck into it and open up some of the other demo's I started at that time including the songs 'All the Others' & 'In Your Human Life'.