Ms Mr

Top 3 for 13'

Three fav things for 2013 would have to be the
What U Want (Doesn't Exist) Video  & Just Like Fashion E.P launch (including the interviews with kelly, Josh & Anee)

Listening to Ms Mr on high rotation

& finding the inspiration for the next Stormset video

Dark Doo Wop

With the count down on til the release of their debut album 'Secondhand Rapture' (14.4.13) and the wait almost over, It's time to get remixing. It's so awesome to discover that Ms Mr have made available the stems for each song on their first E.P. 'Candy Bar Creep Show'. If you're the musical type, jump over to their page and check em out. Just finished importing them into Logic ready to experiment & create some Stormset mixes.

Ms Mr

Caught this band on the car radio the other day and as usual struggled to catch the back announce... so frustrating! Finally found out the song I heard was by Ms Mr... just need to rush out and get their CD now. It's always great to find something inspirational. Oh and it looks like they are playing tomorrow at the Laneway festival, Adelaide. Fingers crossed there are some tickets left... oops sold out!!

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