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Tell All Your Friends | Lily Allen - Remix

"Tell all of your friends"... This is the Stormset mix of the Lily Allen song Sheezus, entered in the Lily Allen remix competition on Soundcloud... the deadline is here!!

It's cool to have the opportunity to remix one of Lily Allen's songs, as it was partly from reading an article about how she worked with producer Greg Kurstin using Logic Pro 9 on her second album 'It's Not You, It's Me, that made me take the plunge and inspired me to learn more about the program... 

Still learning by the way.

What Is That Sound? | Lamb - Heaven Remix Competition

Still searching for my old Lamb concert tickets to upload.... I know I have them somewhere?

Anyway, it's exciting to be working on a remix of the song Heaven as part of another awesome remix competition that UK electronic band Lamb are running. The winning composition will be chosen to be included on the D-side of the upcoming vinyl reissue of their classic album 'What Sound'... one of my favourites.

Remixing a song like 'Heaven' is a real challenge as it somehow needs to be different enough yet maintain the feel and integrity of the original and retain all the elements that make it such a special song...

Stay posted for the remix! 

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Butterfly Effect shortlist

Lamb have shortlisted their top 10 fav remixes for the Butterfly Effect remix competition (winners announced soon). It must have been quite a task for Lou & Andy to choose from the 600 plus remix's - there is some impressive stuff!!

Our ethereal sounding Stormsetmix didn't make the cut but it has been a great chance to remix one of our all time favourite bands, has given me the opportunity to discover the Soundcloud forum, participate & hear some new sounds... Not to mention coming away with a finished remix I'm really proud of & happy to share... very much inspired by the style of layering found on the Cocteau Twins EP Otherness remixed by Mark Clifford of ambient UK group Seefeel (that's an interesting story in itself by the way)