Band, Concept or Just An Idea?


I love the bit towards the end of this rather obscure and awkward interview that The Cure did with Nina Blackwood for MTV and Robert Smith talks about how at that point in time he felt The Cure to be more of an idea than an actual group... 83' being the time just after the split with bassist Simon Gallup and a period where they had lots of different projects and collaborations on the go at once. 

This kind of relates to Stormset in the way that it is more of a concept/collaboration and creative idea.


Go Back To The Start


Aside from sounding a little too much like the title of one of my favourite Lilly Allen songs, I'd like to welcome you 'Back to the Start' of the StormSet online journal/blog. This is the place to find snippets of the inspiration behind Stormset (in whatever form it may take) such as pictures, places, music & visual art. It's nice to feel inspired and vitally important to us creative types, so I hope you'll find some inspiration here too. 

Many smiles



Artist Interview with Kelly


Here's an interview with Kelly - Star of the new video clip for  What You Want (Doesn't Exist)  and guest Stormset vocalist on the new Just Like Fashion EP

So kelly, how did you find the experience of recording vocals in the studio?

I absolutely enjoyed taking part in the studio, everything was completely new to me so was just a new experience of simply having fun! 

Can you tell us what it was like working on the film shoot for the What U Want video clip?

Working for the film clip was exciting, and working with Simon's creativity made it much more spectacular! Again was a new experience and I fully enjoyed it from start to finish and not forgetting how good it is to smash things... it's so therapeutic, haha 

What's the latest creative project you've been working on?

The latest creative project I've done would be more behind the scenes rather than in front of camera, i decided to try out prosthetics and get my own creative side out and put my own skills to the test. 

Stormset Video10_Squarespace.jpg

How do you feel about fashion in general?

 Fashion in general to me is more a personal signature I reckon, you can get a good hint of someones personality from what they wear.  My personal favourite would be good old pj's a baggy jumper and slippers on a cold winters night mmmmmm cosy!!! 

Check out the video for

what you want (doesn't exist)