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just like fashioN Mix

WHat you want (Doesn't Exist) 

Shouting out to anyone who's ever found themselves lost and wandering in a consumerist mono-culture maze of fashion

A mysterious street artist explores the ephemeral nature of fashion through her unique paste up designs

So just remember the next time you're out pounding the pavement of the local shopping mall, searching out that elusive coat while your half volleys are wearing thin, that... What You Want (Doesn't Exist)...



Walk 2 Learn

by Stormset

New Songs evolving


Just Like Fashion

by Stormset


Just take a long piece of rope (with a lasso at the end), a sewing machine, several tractors and other machines you don't find in the kitchen, plus a PA and a singer, then feed it through a blender and you get the unique silky trance textures & silver-wash abstractions (Art-School trance) of StormSet... Simon Hatji in collaboration with Kelly Gilbert (vocals), Anee Burton (vocals), Josh Earl (video), Chris Harrison (music) & other talented multimedia artists & musicians